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Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference
"Construction and Architecture"

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Section I. Architecture and Urbanism Section II. Art and Conservation of Architectural Heritage Section III. Structural Mechanics Section IV. Building Structures Section V. Building Physics and Materials Science Section VI. Technology, Management and Economics of Construction Section VII. Sustainable Development and Environmental Security

Section I. Architecture and Urbanism

Article 1.01 Bauhaus Weimar 100 Years Borislav Borisov

Article 1.02 Urban Problems in Sofia City Center Borislav Borisov

Article 1.03 Sustainable Development and Healthy Life in Strongly Urban Areas Yanko Alexandrov

Article 1.04 Temple Architecture as a Protected Environment Plamen Genov

Article 1.05 History of the Architecture in Western and Central Europe from XVII Until the Beginning of XX Century and its Influence in the City of Russe from the Liberation to the End of The World War I Vencislav Ignatov

Article 1.06 Characteristics and Reasons for Rooftop Extensions of Residential Buildings Aleksadra Igić, Petar Mitković

Article 1.07 Contemporary Prefabricated Modular Structural Systems for Low-Rise Residential Buildings Yuliya Ilieva

Article 1.08 Industrial Heritage Tourism Delyana Kirova

Article 1.09 Spatial Challenges in Adapting Non-Functioning Industrial Buildings to Residential Functions Ina Lambeva, Ivanka Marinova

Article 1.10 Rethinking of Modernist Urban Planning – Postmodern Urban Individuation Radoslava Lesnevska

Article 1.11 Tendencies in the Contemporary Museums Ekaterina Lyubenova-Draganova

Article 1.12 Architectural and Compositional Solutions of a Complex Including a Car Salon and Garage Borislava Mancheva-Velkova

Article 1.13 The Importance of Changing the Purpose of Some Historic Buildings in Niš Ivana Mihajlović, Ana Momčilović-Petronijević

Article 1.14 New City Centers and Applied Territories with Scientific Application Desislava Parlapanska

Article 1.15 А System for Integrated Examination of Long Span Structures and Structural Building Elements Kliment Radoev

Article 1.16 Influence of Urban Environment on the Operation Reliability of Fire Hydrants Veronika Vasileva

Article 1.17 Renewal of The Central Urban Parts of Small Towns in Bulgaria. Issues and Planning Measures. Dimitar Vlasarev, Plamen Peev

Article 1.18 Schools Transformed in Educational Community Centers as a New Innovative Tendency Aneta Slavova

Article 1.19 Working with Central Plans in Higher Observation Landscapes Maria Stoycheva

Article 1.20 Urban and Architectural Planning Problems for the Design of Large Parkings and Garages Petia Sotirova

Article 1.21 Constructive Model (Layout) Stoyan Tasmadzhiev

Article 1.22 Traffic Simulation Models in Transportation Infrastructure Planning Srđan Živković, Sandra Šaković

Статия 1.23 New city centers and applied territories with scientific application Desislava Parlapanska

Section II. Art and Conservation of Architectural Heritage

Article 2.01 Mosaic as a Modern Exterior Design Alexandra Ivanova

Article 2.02 The Universal and Specific in The Plastic Searches in Equestrian Monuments Blagovesta Ivanova

Article 2.03 Architecture as a Leading Factor in Mural Composition Nikolai Nikolov

Section III. Structural Mechanics

Article 3.01 Soil-Structure Interaction Models of a Buried Arch Bridge in Plaxis 2d Software Konstantin Kazakov, Doncho Partov

Article 3.02 Analytical Method According (AAEM) of Bažant versus Numerical Method of Volterra in Analysis of Statically Indeterminate Composite Steel-Concrete Beams Regarding Creep of Concrete Chavdar Stoyanov, Doncho Partov, Vladimír Křístek

Article 3.03 Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beamless Slabs Damyan Dachev, Georgi Yanchev

Article 3.04 Behavior of the Aluminum Base Grid Structure in Relation to the Subgrade Reaction Coefficient Emir Hodzic, Vlaho Akmadzic, Anton Vrdoljak

Article 3.05 Consequences of the Subgrade Reaction Coefficient Change on the Wood Grid Structure Emir Hodzic, Vlaho Akmadzic, Anton Vrdoljak

Article 3.06 Normalization factor as a measure of seismic energy Slavko Zdravković, Dragana Turnić

Article 3.07 Structural and Viscous Damping of Buildings Slavko Zdravković, Biljana Mladenović

Section IV. Building Structures

Article 4.01 Progressive Collapse of Existing RС Structures due to Environmental Effects: A Numerical Approach for Strengthening by Ties A. Liolios , D. Partov , K. Liolios , B. Folic and G. Skodras

Article 4.02 110 Years History of Synagogue Construction in the Capital City Sofia in Bulgaria Anton Gorolomov, Vanyo Georgiev, Doncho Partov

Article 4.03 Strengthening the Damaged Wooden Columns After Investigating of Several Interesting Approaches from Abroad Petar Grekov, Anton Gorolomov, Bohumil Straka, Doncho Partov

Article 4.04 Comparative Analysis of Stairs Solve as Beams (In the Direction of the Shoulder) With a Different Direction of the Axis in a Static Scheme Danail Dikov

Article 4.05 Reasons for Deformation of the Chairski Lakes Hut in the Rhodopes and Opportunities for It Strengthening Georgi Frangov, Stefan Frangov

Article 4.06 Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Method for Determination of Parameters of Reinforced Concrete Constructions - Opportunities and Limitations Ivan Ivanchev

Article 4.07 Aseismic Design and Construction of Masonry Building Rooftop Extension Nikola Janković, Slavko Zdravković

Article 4.08 About the Bridge Construction Practices Using Incremental Launching Method and Bulgarian Experience Radoslav Nikolov, Vanyo Georgiev, Doncho Partov

Article 4.09 Strengthening of the Foundation of Buildings with Rooftop Extension Marijana Paunović, Slavko Zdravković

Article 4.10 Design of R.C. Bunkers (Prismatic Silos) Stanislav Tsvetkov, Syuleiman Bairaktarov

Article 4.11 Design of R.C. Marine Lighthouse Stanislav Tsvetkov, Valentin Grozev

Section V. Building Physics and Materials Science

Article 5.01 Yield of Short Cellulose Fibers from Pinus Nigra for Use as Reinforcing Phase in a Polymer Matrix Vladimir Vladimirov, Ventseslav Stoyanov

Section VI. Technology, Management and Economics of Construction

Article 6.01 Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software for Facilities Management (FM) Robert Eadie, John Rocks, Ventsislav Stoyanov

Article 6.02 Modern Climbing Formwork Systems – a Review Viktor Nikolov, Lachezar Hrischev, Katya Beleva

Article 6.03 Creating Trust Between Participants in The Construction Process Iva Nikolova

Article 6.04 Project Integration Management with FIDIC Contracts Under the Umbrella of FAC-1 Adriana Spassova, Julieta Mancheva, Fantina Rangelova

Article 6.05 Influence and Impact of Wind Loadings on Facade Scaffoldings Ventsislav Tepeliev, Lachezar Hrischev, Dobromir Dinev

Article 6.06 Изследване на якостните характеристики на бетони в периода на набиране на якост Станислав Баkърджиев, Офелия Лазова-Велинова

Section VII. Sustainable Development and Environmental Security

Article 7.01 New Paradigm “Sustainable Construction” and Engineering Education Yatchko Ivanov

Article 7.02 Екологичните показатели на строителните машини в контекста на устойчивото строителство Калин Радлов, Лъчезар Хрисчев, Юлия Работова-Христова, Яна Кънчева

Article 7.03 Study of Changes in Concrete Macrostructure with Recycled Coarse Aggregates from Ceramic Roof Tiles at Elevated Temperatures Ventseslav Stoyanov, Dobromir Popov, Vilma Petkova, Ekaterina Serafimova

Article 7.04 Carbonate Waste Imposition to Manure from Poultry Farms to Obtain Soil Improvers Ventseslav Stoyanov, Vilma Petkova, Ekaterina Serafimova

Article 7.05 Snow Protection Facilities and the Possibilities of Modeling, Analysis and Evaluation, by BIM in Transport Infrastructure Desislava Miteva

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