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XX International Scientific Conference
"Construction and Architecture"

15, 16 & 17 October 2020

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General information

The International Conference on Construction and Architecture at the USEA is held annually.

The Scientific Committee of the Conference is composed of prominent Bulgarian and foreign scientists, which is a guarantee for the high level of presentation of papers and publication of articles.

The co-organizers of the conference are Bulgarian institutions and professional organizations operating in the field of architecture and construction.

Traditionally, the conference has the opportunity to participate in various forms - oral reporting, poster presentation, participation in discussions, company presentation, listener, etc.

In addition, there are accompanying events - corporate exhibitions, competitions for the best report of a young scientist and for the best poster of a student.

The conference is being held at The University of Structural Engineering and Architecture "Lyuben Karavelov" in Sofia.

The official languages of the conference are Bulgarian and English. Bulgarian, English, Russian, French and German are used as working languages.

Conference Topics

  1. Architecture and urbanism,
  2. Art and preservation of architectural heritage,
  3. Construction mechanics,
  4. Building structures,
  5. Building physics and materials science,
  6. Construction technology and construction management,
  7. Sustainable construction and environmental security,
  8. Problems of architctural and engineering education,
  9. Student section,
  10. Pupil section

Forms of participation

Important dates

22 June 2020
Submit a request for participation and abstracts of the reports

30 June 2020
Confirmation of the accepted resume request

 7 September 2020
Sending the full text of the reports

11 September 2020
Confirm acceptance of the full text and start the review

 5 October 2020
Sending a final full text, corrected after recommendations from reviewers and payment of fees by bank transfer

13 October 2020
Publication of the conference program


With one presentation fee, up to two papers are allowed to attend the conference. They can be written and published in Bulgarian and English. (See: Formatting of reports.)

The papers are published in the "International Scientific Conference VSU'2020", in the form of articles. Each article and its abstract is reviewed by anonymous, independent reviewers, in most cases members of the International Scientific Committee.

The collection consists of several volumes, the articles in which are distributed and arranged by the editors of the edition. The collection is identified by an international periodical, which is e ISSN: 1314-071X. It is published on paper and on optical media - a CD with a box containing the edition in pdf-format, with the possibility of color printing of articles.

Proceedings are included in The National Reference List of contemporary Bulgarian scientific publications with scientific review

The authors of the reports retain copyright of the articles, being fully responsible for their content. In other words, the organizers of VSU'2020 and the editors are not responsible for the content of the articles or for the consequences if the authors have caused harm to third parties. USEA is the publisher and as such receives the rights to offer and distribute the publication with published articles. The fact that you have declared your participation in the VSU'2020 conference means that you have accepted and agree to these terms.


The Conference will be held at the University of Structural Engineering and Architecture (VSU) „Lyuben Karavelov” in Sofia.

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Special Events

Best Oral Presentation by a Young Researcher Award

All participants aged 35 or younger, who are not full or associate professors may join this competition. Only one co-author of the report poster is admitted. An international jury will award the first, second and third prize for both performance and originality of work of student or young researcher.

The criteria for evaluating the presentations are: merits of the re- ported research problem and research methodology; quality of the presented content - clear and consistent presentation of the problem and the results; aesthetic quality - colors, quality of graphical material and text; presentation skills - quality and consistency of the explanation, eloquence; confidence; observing allocated presentation time; answers to questions - preciseness, brevity, self-confidence.

The award certificate can be an important part of your CV!

Best Poster Presentation by a Student Award

All students may join this competition. Each student who is an author of an article, accepted in the Proceedings, has to present as a poster. Only one co-author of the report / poster is admitted. Each poster presentation allows one student to participate in this competition.

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