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Listener Presentation Poster In absentia participation Company presentations Report Exhibition Advertising


The participant attends the Conference without presenting his report. The listener can participate in all sessions and accompanying events.


The presentation is an oral presentation of a report. A presentation aid is a multimedia projector. There will be no way to use overhead projectors or project from slides. For this reason, we recommend that all aids be digitized. When preparing *.doc (*.docx), *.ppt (*.pptx, *.pps, *.ppsx) or *.pdf files, use standard fonts or embed any non-standard fonts in the file.

The presentation duration is 15 minutes, during which time the discussion will also begin. answers to questions. For a more dynamic presentation, it is necessary to provide your technician with a flash or optical presentation prior to the start of each session. If you plan to use audio in your presentation, please let us know in advance.


The poster is another form of presentation that enables the idea of the report to be quickly and fully understood. We recommend this type of participation when a large part of the issues discussed can be illustrated graphically or with the expected interest of a large number of participants. The poster allows individual details to be discussed in direct personal contact with the author.

When preparing a poster, it should be prepared on a single sheet with the following dimensions width - 75-90 cm, height - 100-120 cm portrait orientation for better visualization of details. The title and authors are positioned at the top of the poster. In this section, the title, the authors and the extended summary in English are obligatory and appropriate. The size of the text, illustrations, graphics should be large enough to be readable from a distance of about 1.5 - 2 meters. There is a copy center on the campus of the VFU, where you can print your poster within a few minutes at a low cost.

The poster presentation, discussion and evaluation is 75 minutes. For the poster sessions to be held more rigorously, the posters need to be installed in the designated places before the session begins.

Students only submit posters.

In absentia participation

The Conference has the possibility of participating in absentia, which is the publication of a report, after due review by a member of the International Scientific Committee. Extraordinary participants will receive all the materials published by the conference.

Company presentations

Company presentations can be:


The report does not differ from the oral presentation of a scientific report, except that the company presentation is allocated 15 minutes in plenary or 30 minutes in ordinary session for presentation and subsequent questions and discussion. This report is not included in the Conference Proceedings.


The exhibit is the provision of a stand-alone stand, which is conveniently located close to the conference rooms and reception. The demonstration requires the preparation of a specially secured and equipped site, the terms of which are agreed with the President of the Organisation committee.


The advertisement consists of printing information in the Conference Program (up to half a page) and slide shows on an additional screen during the opening of the conference and the Plenary session (up to 10 slides, the frequency of presentation depends on the number of advertisers).

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